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St. Kitts & Nevis is a federation which comprises of various tourist attractions & hot-spots. This page will display activities that was held on both St. Kitts & Nevis.

Sugar City 365 - annual

We give you the best possible experience of the islands, so that you get to see everything wonderful the islands have to offer. We pride ourselves on providing affordable luxury. Select the picture for more information.

The Jazz 'n' Lime Cruise

An awe-inspiring Jazz cruise that includes an award-winning restaurant and British award-winning musician. Select the picture for more information.

St. Kitts Rocks!!!

A weekend to remember with Elvis! This unique event sees a variety of amazing events over the space of a sunny St. Kitts weekend in November. Select the picture for more information.

The International Women in Employment and Business (WEB) conference

Come along.....learn.....educate.....empower and elevate.....inspire and be inspired.....Take a step into your brightest future. Includes an opportunity for personal or group coaching from a roster of international, prominent women. Select the picture for more information.